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  Sichuan Institute of Special Sea Technology(SISST),under supervision of Science & Technology Administration of Sichuan province and authorized by Civil Administration of Sichuan province, is the joint adventure of big-size military backbone enterprise--No. 5701 Factory of PLA and Sichuan Huixin Hi-tech Achievements Transformation Research Institute. Exerting advantages of advanced equipment and technicians of military industry and national defence research institute of Sichuan province fully, SISST specializes in design, research and manufacturing of dedicated hi-tech instrument and equipment for marine geological scientific observation, hydrologic monitoring and mineral exploration as well as cross-disciplinary scientific research institute.

  SISST owns 16 senior and intermediate grade technicians, including four experts of geologic mineral exploration and aviation research enjoying government subsidies (includes technical consulters), double members of China Automated Equipment Association and four members of China Aviation Academy. SISST also has close cooperation with multiply colleges & institutes, research institutes, military enterprises, military plants of Air Force Arming Dept. and research institutes & plants of CNAC.

  On technical aspect, SISST is equipped with high, precision & top full-range of mechanical processing, cold & hot processing, surface treatment, rubber articles, CAD/CAM/CAE flexible precision processing center and deep-sea pressure test cabin 10000m(100Mpa) and takes No.5701 plant of PLA as R&D and manufacturing base with profound S&T developmental capacity and technical power to provide dedicated equipment and marine exploration equipment for various rock hydraulic instruments. SISST participated marine resource developmental technological projects in resource environment aspect in national 863 Plan for times, and all involved subjects and sample machines succeed in the first time.

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